Bouldering is gaining popularity as an aspect of rock climbing that is performed without the use of ropes or harnesses. It doesn't require vast amounts of technical equipment, is often considered 'safer' than roped climbing and above all is really good fun.
Many climbers use bouldering as a way of pushing themselves to their physical climbing limit. Bouldering not only enables a climber to practice specific moves at a safe distance from the ground but also serves to build stamina and increase finger strength.
The climber doesn't need a rope, as bouldering is practiced on small cliffs and boulders, usually less than 5 metres in height - small enough to jump off if needed.
Bouldering is the purest form of climbing. All you required is a pair of ‘rock-climbing shoes’ to help secure footholds, ‘chalk’ to keep your hands dry, and a ‘bouldering mat’ to prevent injuries from falls.
There are many interesting places in Indian Himalayas for Bouldering.

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