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Since ancient times, Himalaya has been revered as the abode of the gods and attracted Hindu pilgrims for trekking to shrines located high in the mountains like Amarnath, Yamnotri, Gangotri, Kedarnath, Badrinath etc. to seek salvation.


And in modern times, a trekking expedition is more of discovering nature and discovering one’s self. The rarefied air, exercise and wholesome food are the ideal combination for rejuvenating bothmind & body.

Once introduced, trekking in the Indian Himalayas is like a passionate affair that prompts one to return here again& again.

The Himalaya extends over 2500kms from west to east and passing through six different states of India , namely – 1. Jammu & Kashmir, 2. Himachal Pradesh, 3. Uttarakhand, 4. West Bengal (Darjeeling). 5. Sikkim & 6. Arunachal Pradesh. Each region has its own attractions and superb trekking possibilities. Some of the popular treks are given below with actual number of trekking days. Total tour will be of longer duration keeping in mind travelling time & days for acclimatization.


The northern most part of Indian Himalayas is also known as ‘Little Tibet’. This is one of the most remote regions of India, having rich cultural heritage with Buddhist monasteries set in spectacular moonscape scenery.


The land of contrast with lush green forest, alpine meadows, eternal snowy peaks, vast-barren landscapes, ancient Hindu Temples, old Buddhist monasteries and mighty rivers.


This most revered river - the mother goddess Ganga is not only synonymous with Indian civilisation but also with the state of Uttarakhand. It is here that she is born in the high Himalayan ranges.
Uttarakhand’s mighty glaciers, gargling rivers, deep valleys, verdant forests, undulating buggyals (alpine meadows) & high capped peaks, offer some of the most exciting treks.


This is a combination trekking between Nepal and Bhutan which can be a life time memorable holiday package for mountain lovers. The trek begins from Katmandu city visiting of old temples, monasteries, durbar squares and beautiful places. Next trip will be from scenic flight to Paro and visit famous monasteries, stupas and ancient places. So do not miss to explore such unique destinations on your valuable vacation.


This area in North East of India is tucked between Nepal and Bhutan and flanked to the North by the vast expanse of The Tibetan plateau. The guardian deity - Mt. Kanchenjunga, the third highest mountain in the world, rises majestically in the sky. Darjeeling and Sikkim complement each other with traditional tourist attractions of the British Raj's residual charms, world famous Darjeeling tea on one side and with less commercialized Sikkim hills, renowned for its over 500 species of orchids and 30 species of rhododendron -ranging from the gigantic Rhododendron Grande (10m tall) to the tiny Rhododendron Nivale (½m tall).


Arunachal Pradesh - literally the ‘Land of Dawn-lit Mountains’ and the starting point of 2500km long Great Himalayan Range that sweeps off to the west.
A unique habitat with lush sub-tropical forests, mighty rivers, deep gorges, high altitude meadows, towering mountains and above all a home of 26 indigenous tribes - from the artistic Apatanis of Ziro to the robust Monpas of Tawang, Arunachal is perhaps the last sanctuary for India’s natural and anthropological heritage.
Our journey starts from the floor of Brahmaputra valley to the crest of the Great Eastern Himalayas.


India not only has every geography - Snow-clad mountains and Mighty Oceans, Valleys and Coastlines, Deep gorges and Waterfalls, High-altitude plateaus and Indo-Gangetic Plains, Desert sand dunes and Rain forests; but also has a rich historical and cultural heritage.

India is a land of every conceivable experience.
They say ‘World is not enough’, but India has enough for every traveller.


India is blessed with a very wide range of terrain suiting all types of cyclists – from easy plains to the toughest mountains in the world; from lands strewn with relics of the past to ever-fresh tropical paradises. Those who seek the ultimate challenge and real adventure would undoubtedly choose the Himalayas.

Every trip offers a very special cultural and scenic experience. Our support team, who accompanies these tours, will be ever ready to refresh you with fruits, snacks and fluids en-route. You can always hop on the support vehicle in case you do not fancy a particular climb or simply do not want to cycle for a while. You are free to enjoy the pleasures and challenges of cycling, while our crew sorts out the campsites and cooking at the end of the day.


The trips can be organised for both cycle &motor bike enthusiast. We provide 500cc Bullet Enfield motor bike along with necessary spares, tools & a mechanic.


Bouldering is gaining popularity as an aspect of rock climbing that is performed without the use of ropes or harnesses. It doesn't require vast amounts of technical equipment, is often considered 'safer' than roped climbing and above all is really good fun.
Many climbers use bouldering as a way of pushing themselves to their physical climbing limit. Bouldering not only enables a climber to practice specific moves at a safe distance from the ground but also serves to build stamina and increase finger strength.
The climber doesn't need a rope, as bouldering is practiced on small cliffs and boulders, usually less than 5 metres in height - small enough to jump off if needed.
Bouldering is the purest form of climbing. All you required is a pair of ‘rock-climbing shoes’ to help secure footholds, ‘chalk’ to keep your hands dry, and a ‘bouldering mat’ to prevent injuries from falls.
There are many interesting places in Indian Himalayas for Bouldering.


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