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12 Days Bird Watching

Destinations covered: New Delhi | Surajpur | Sultanpur | Jaipur | Ranthambhore | Dholpur | Chambal | Bharatpur | Agra | New Delhi

India’s abundant bird check- list of over 1200 species, is attributed to it vast diversity of habitat and climate, ranging in ‘altitude’ from – sea level to mighty Himalayas; And in ‘climate’ from – scorching sandy deserts to the alpine cold of snowy regions and to the tropical evergreen rain forests.

A Birding itinerary depends upon your interests, season & the length of holiday planned.


5 Days Odisha (Orissa) -Golden Triangle

Destinations covered: Bhubaneswar | Konark | Puri | Chilka

This tour is an introduction to the exotic state of Orissa - on the East Coast of India along the Bay of Bengal Sea, where you will be visiting the world famous Heritage monuments, sea beach and Eastern Ghats - the rocky hill terrain where most of the Orissa’s highlander tribes live, and who still reject the mainland influence and have preserved their social customs, living style, language, dialect and theological values. Bhubaneswar is a city of temples dated from 8th to 13th C.; Architecturally splendid Konark Sun Temple is noted for its sculptures; Puri, one of the four holiest cities in India revolves around the great Jagannath Temple; Chilika Lake is one the largest brackish - water lakes noted for many migratory birds.

This tour can be combined with Delhi - Varanasi - Kolkata - Bhubaneswar or Kolkata - Bhubaneswar - Chennai (South India Tour).


11 Days Rupshu Trek

Destinations covered: Leh | Rumtse | Kyamar La | Pangunagu | Nuruchen | Rajungkaru | Kyamayuru la 1 | Kyamayuru la 2 | Tso Moriri | Korzok | Chamser Kangri | Shibuk La

Rupshu is a fascinating expanse of high altitude desert - stretching to about 15000sq km and seldom below 4500m, in the southeast part of Ladakh. It is inhabited by the Changpa Nomads who mostly move with their herds of sheep & yak and live in black yak-haircloth tents. Only a few places have permanent dwellings - at Korzok, Thugctse, Chamar & Hanle etc. Its most remarkable features are a 150sq km lake called TsoMoriri - the lowest place in this desert, the Pangpolungpa or the Rupshu Ice-Cap, and 19 peaks more than 6000m high that dot this strange desert.

A wide variety of wildlife is also visible both in land & water - Skyang (Tibetan wild ass), phya (marmots), hare etc. and migratory birds like brahmani duck, wild geese, black neck cranes etc.


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