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9 Days Along The Ganges Trail

Destinations covered: New Delhi | Rishikesh | Uttarkashi | Gangotri | Bhojbasa Uttarkashi | Tapovan, Gangotri Glacier

From the huge glaciers that inch their way down from the massive peaks of Shivling - the Matterhorn of India,Chaukhamba,Kedarnath and Bhagirathis, the holy river Ganges is born, to start her great journey to the sea. On this trail one finds Hindu pilgrims and holy men (Sadhus, unmistakable with their saffron grab and matted hair), some of whom have travelled from the far ends of India on a once-in-a-lifetime pilgrimage.


18 Days Bhaba Pass + Parang la

Destinations covered: New Delhi | Shimla | Sarahan | Kafnu, Himachal Pradesh | Muling, Himachal Pradesh | Kara, Himachal Pradesh | Phustirang | Chhochoden, Himachal Pradesh | Bhabha Pass | Mud, Himachal Pradesh | Kaza, Himachal Pradesh | Kibber, Himachal Pradesh | Borochin | DatangYongma | ChumakShelte | Korzok | Leh

Bhaba pass is less strenuous than Pin Parvati Pass trek. It starts from Satluj valley in Kinnaur and finishes in Pin valley in Spiti. From here, there is a option to continue the trek on to the Rupshu valley TsoMoriri Lake in Ladakh via Parang la (5590m).


12 Days Chomolhari Trek

Destinations covered: New Delhi | Paro | Drukgyel Dzong | Soi Thang Thangkha | Jangothang | Barshong | DolamKencho | Dodena Lam, Bhutan | Thimphu | Chomolhari, Thimphu | Lingzhi, Thimphu

This trek passes through scattered hamlets, farmlands, verdant forests, to high pasturelands beneath the East face of Mt. Chomolhari (7314m), Jichu Drake (6974m) & numerous snowy peaks.


19 Days Chomolhari-Laya-Gasa Trek

Destinations covered: New Delhi | Paro | Drukgyel Dzong | Soi Thang Thangkha | Jangothang | Chomolhari, Thimphu | Lingzhi, Thimphu | Chebisa | Shomuthang | Robluthang | Laya, Bhutan | Gasa, Bhutan | Damji, Bhutan | Thimphu

This long established route from Chomolhari to Laya & Gasa is ranked one of the finest Bhutan's treks. The route offers a great variety - from scattered & remote settlements, isolated Dzongs, picturesque valleys, lush forests, alpine meadows, to high passes..... and above all spectacular campsites beneath some of the most impressive peaks like Chomolhari & Jichu Drake.


10 Days Har ki Doon trek

Destinations covered: New Delhi | Dehradun | Sankri | Taluka, Uttarakhand | Seema, Uttarakhand | Har ki Doon | Mussoorie

Harki Doon is one such amazing trek that has been attracting trekkers from around the world. It's a lovely walk passing through wonderful forest, traditional village houses, alpine meadows, snow-clad peaks & glacial valleys and culminating at a perfect picture-postcard location.


17 Days Kanchenjunga Base Camp

Destinations covered: New Delhi | Bagdogra | Gangtok | Lachen, Sikkim | Jakthang | Siniolchu, Sikkim | Yabuk, Sikkim | Telim, Sikkim

This trek, much less frequented, wild and desolate goes to the Green Lake - the base camp of Kanchenjunga from the North side and requires special permission at present. The trail, along the Zemu river and Zemu Glacier further up, affords the most memorable views of Mt. Siniolchu - described as one of the most beautiful mountains in the world, Mt. Simvo, Tent Peak, Nepal peak, Sugar-loaf and of course Kanchenjunga.


13 Days Kanchenjunga Trek - West Sikkim

Destinations covered: New Delhi | Bagdogra | Gangtok | Yuksom | Tshoka, Sikkim | Dzongri | Thangsing, Sikkim | Lamuney, Sikkim | Goechala | Bakhim | Darjeeling

The trail goes to the base of Mt. Pandim with an impressive views of Mt. Kanchenjunga, Talung & Kabru.The trek goes through the lush forest of rhododendron, high yak pastures, alpine lakes and huge glaciers.


17 Days Kuari Pass / RoopKund trek

Destinations covered: New Delhi | Kausani | RoopKund | Kanol, Uttarakhand | Sital, Uttrakhand | Tali, Uttarakhand | Auli Laga Joshimath | Joshimath | Badrinath | Rishikesh

The trek over the Kuari Pass was popularized by Lord Curzon when he was British Viceroy of India. This trek is on the outer rim of Nanda Devi Sanctuary - the best described by Eric Shipton in his book - 'A Vision of such beauty is worth a world of striving....'. Since the legendary trek through Rishi gorge to the Inner Sanctuary is closed for ecological reasons, this trek offers a partial substitute with some of the best views of the peaks in and around Nanda Devi Sanctuary.


11 Days Markha Valley Trek

Destinations covered: New Delhi | Leh | Spituk | Yurutse | Markha, Hemis National Park | Hankar | Nimaling | Chuskarmo | Shang Sumdo | Skiu | Rumbak | Gandala | Chalak | Markha 1 | Markha Village | Hankar Village | Thachutse | Kang Yatse | Calicut | Chakori | Chogdo

This valley, running parallel to Indus Valley & Stok range, is a contrast of dry barrenhigher slopes with deep reddish hue, and green of dense under growth of thorny shrubs & willow trees. This trek also offers several climbing opportunities around Nimaling, to not so technically difficult peaks.


15 Days Pin Parvati Pass Trek

Destinations covered: New Delhi | Mandi, Himachal Pradesh | Barsheni | Khir Ganga, Himachal Pradesh | Mantalai, Himachal Pradesh | Mud, Himachal Pradesh | Kaza, Himachal Pradesh | Kunzum Pass | Manali | Rohtang Pass | Pin Parbati Pass | Chhochoden, Himachal Pradesh | TundaBhuj, Himachal Pradesh

A strenuous trek goes from Parvati valley in Kullu to Pin valley in Spiti involves crossing over a high pass named after these valleys - Pin Parvati Pass (5300m) with crevassed snow field on either side and contrasting stages of lush forest to barren landscapes.


11 Days Rupshu Trek

Destinations covered: Leh | Rumtse | Kyamar La | Pangunagu | Nuruchen | Rajungkaru | Kyamayuru la 1 | Kyamayuru la 2 | Tso Moriri | Korzok | Chamser Kangri | Shibuk La

Rupshu is a fascinating expanse of high altitude desert - stretching to about 15000sq km and seldom below 4500m, in the southeast part of Ladakh. It is inhabited by the Changpa Nomads who mostly move with their herds of sheep & yak and live in black yak-haircloth tents. Only a few places have permanent dwellings - at Korzok, Thugctse, Chamar & Hanle etc. Its most remarkable features are a 150sq km lake called TsoMoriri - the lowest place in this desert, the Pangpolungpa or the Rupshu Ice-Cap, and 19 peaks more than 6000m high that dot this strange desert.

A wide variety of wildlife is also visible both in land & water - Skyang (Tibetan wild ass), phya (marmots), hare etc. and migratory birds like brahmani duck, wild geese, black neck cranes etc.


9 Days Singalila Ridge Trek

Destinations covered: New Delhi | Bagdogra | Darjeeling | Mane Bhanjang, West Bengal | Kalipokhri, West Bengal | Sandakphu | Phalut, Sikkim | Rammam, Sikkim | Rimbick, West Bengal

A well - defined trail, through the forest to the grassy ridge, is along the Nepalese border and affords an excellent view of Kanchenjunga range and glimpses of Everest, Lhotse and Makalu.


11 Days Winter Trek on the Frozen River (Chadar)

Destinations covered: New Delhi | Leh | Nimmoo | Nerak | Shigrilla | Chilling Tso

Remote valley of Zanskarremains completely isolated for seven months when the mountain passes are blocked with deep snow. Winter temperatures of  -30c are common here, making it one of the coldest inhabited places in the world. In the middle of this extreme winter temperature - from Mid January to Early March, the surface of the mighty Zanskar river also gets frozen, looking like a 'white sheet' or 'Chadar' and becomes the only way leading in & out of the region. Since centuries the locals have been using this route - that is dramatically carved by the river as deep canyon with near-vertical rock faces.

Our trek covers the most fascinating part of the mighty & spectacular gorge.


16 Days Zanskar Trek

Destinations covered: New Delhi | Srinagar | Kargil | Zoji La | Padum | Pensi La | Karsha | Hanuma La | Lingshed | Singi La | Photoksar | Ursi | Leh | Photoksar | Singela | Lingshed | Parfi La

This is an isolated region south of Ladakh, comprises the two main valleys along the river Stod -originating from Pensi la in the west and river Lunak -originating from Shingo la area in the east. Both valleys converge at Padam to form the river Zanskar that flows through deep gorges to meet the Indus near Nimu. Padam-Kanji trek is one of the most popular treks in Zanskar, crossing a number of high passes of around 5000 m.


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