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Ladakh and Zanskar

The northern most part of Indian Himalayas is also known as 'Little Tibet' and is a distinguished part of trekking tours of India. This is one of the most remote regions of India, having rich cultural heritage with Buddhist monasteries set in spectacular moonscape scenery. Following adventure trekking tours bring you closer to warm-hospitable people of remote valleys, monasteries, mountains and rivers.

Mountaineering ToursBook Now1. Markha Valley Trek »» 08 - 10 Days
This valley runs parallel to Indus Valley of Ladakh across Stok range. The area has steep mountains of a rocky and barren character. The valley along the river is a contrast to the dry slopes with a deep reddish hue, being green with bushes, willow trees and dense growth of thorny shrubs, a meter tall. The human habitation is mainly confined to the Markha village with isolated settlements in-between. This trek also offers several climbing opportunities around Nimaling, to not so technically difficult peaks.

Book Now2. Zanskar Trek »» 10 - 20 Days
This is an isolated region south of Ladakh, comprises the two main valleys along the river Stood -originating from Pensi la in the west and river Lunak -originating from Shingo la area in the east. Both valleys converge at Padam to form the river Zanskar that flows through deep gorges to meet the Indus near Nimmu. Padam-Darcha trek along river Lunak is one of the most popular treks in Zanskar, crossing a number of high passes of around 5000 m.

Book Now3. Rupshu Trek »» 15 Days
This is an extension of Markha trek, combine with a visit to Tso Morari Lake. The brackish water lake at 4000 m, 28 kms long and 8 kms wide, is surrounded by nomadic people known as Khampas who live in large movable family tents, with their herds of goat, cows and yaks.

Himachal Pradesh

The land of contrast with lush green forest, alpine meadows, eternal snowy peaks, vast-barren landscapes, ancient Hindu Temples, old Buddhist monasteries and mighty rivers. Manali is the most popular base for trekking in India and various Himalaya trekking originates from this place.

Adventure Camping ToursBook Now1. Beas Kund »» 03 - 04 Days
Between the Bara Bengal and Pir Panjal ranges lies Beas Kund, the source of the river Beas, which, like all such sources in India, has a sacred aura. This is surrounded by trekking peaks namely, Friendship (5289 m), Shitidhar (5250 M), Ladakhi (5342 m), Manali (5669 m) and Hanuman Tibba (5928 m).

Book Now2. Hampta Pass »» 05 Days
Moderate to strenuous trekking, over the Hampta pass on Pir - Panjal range - a watershed divide for two mighty rivers Beas and Chenab. From Manali, the route extends beyond Jagatsukh to the junction of the Jarbi and Hamta nalas. There is a profusion of flowers as one ascends above the Beas valley to the crest which offers the excellent views of the high peaks on this range such as Indrasan & Deo Tibba and peaks opposite in Lahaul range.

Book Now3. Deotibba Base Camp »» 06 Days
The trek goes through lush forest to the rich grazing pastures beneath Deo Tibba peak (6001 m), where Gaddi shepherds graze their sheep from end of June until September.

Book Now4. Pin Parvati Pass »» 11 Days
A strenuous trek goes from Parvati valley to Pin valley in Spiti involves crossing over a high pass with crevasse snow field on either side and contrasting stages of lush forest to barren landscapes.

Garhwal and Kumaon

Out of the great flat expanses, that are the gangetic plains between Yamuna & Ganga - the two main rivers of northern India, with their heat and dust or monsoon floods of centuries making this land fertile, rears the Garhwal & Kumaon mountain range in the State of Utter Pradesh. Dramatic, mysterious, snow - capped, beautiful, these mountains of the main Himalayan range, bordered on the north by China and to the east by Nepal, offer every exciting aspect of Himalayan adventure tours.

Garhwal Trekking ToursBook Now1. Along The Ganges Trail »» 15 Days
From the huge glaciers that inch their way down from the massive peaks of Shivling - the Matterhorn of India, Kedarnath and Bhagirathis, the holy Ganges is born, to start her great journey to the sea. On this trail one finds Hindu pilgrims and holy men ( Sadhus, unmistakable with their saffron grab and matted hair), some of whom have travelled from the far ends of India on a once-in-a-lifetime pilgrimage.

Book Now2. Kuari Pass »» 12 Days
The trek over the Kuari Pass was popularized by Lord Curzon when he was British Viceroy of India. This trek is on the outer rim of Nanda Devi Sanctuary - the best described by Eric Shipton in his book - 'A Vision of such beauty is worth a world of striving'. Since the legendary trek through Rishi gorge to the Inner Sanctuary is closed to all trekkers & climbers due to ecological reasons, this trek offers partial substitute with some of the best views of the peaks in and around Nanda Devi Sanctuary.

Book Now3. Valley of Flowers »» 08 - 10 Days
In 1931, Frank Smythe, a noted British mountaineer and botanist, lost his way and chanced upon this valley and was so impressed by the wildflowers that he described it as the Valley of Flowers. From July to September there are more than a thousand varieties of ferns, herbs & exotic flowers bloom.

Darjeeling and Sikkim

Adventure Treks of SikkimThis area in North East of India is tucked between Nepal and Bhutan and flanked to the North by the vast expanse of The Tibetan plateau. The guardian deity - Mt. Kanchenjunga, the third highest mountain in the world, rise majestically in the sky. Darjeeling and Sikkim complement each other with traditional tourist attractions of the British Raj's residual charms, world famous Darjeeling tea on one side and with less commercialized Sikkim hills, renowned for its over 500 species of orchids and rhododendron This tour presents an exciting Himalaya trekking experience and is great a Darjeeling and Sikkim travel opportunity.

Book Now1. Singalila Ridge Trek »» 04 - 05 Days
A well - defined trail, through the forest to the grassy ridge, is along the Nepalese border and affords an excellent view of Kanchenjunga range and glimpses of Everest, Lhotse and Makalu.

Book Now2. Kanchenjunga Trek - West Sikkim »» 10 Days
The trail goes to the base of Mt. Pandim with an impressive views of Mt. Kanchenjunga, Talung & Kabru.The trek goes through the lush forest of rhododendrori, high yak pastures and huge glaciers.

Book Now3. Kanchenjunga Base Camp »» 12 Days
This trek, much less frequented, wild and desolate goes to the Green Lake - the base camp of Kanchenjunga from the North side and requires special permission at present.The trek, along the Zemu river and Zemu Glacier further up, affords the most memorable views of Mt. Siniolchu - described as one of the most beautiful mountains in the world, Mt. Simvo, Tent Peak, Nepal peak and Sugar-loaf.


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