Bird Watching Tour in India

About 50kms from Delhi, lies the Dhanauri Wetlands – that host thousands of migratory birds and a heaven for majestic Sarus Cranes. This is one of the very few places in India where Sarus Cranes – known for its trumpet calls and height…being the tallest flying bird, congregate by the dozens.

I (Shashank Gupta) was there last weekend.

Bird watching near Delhi 02. 2I5A2709 Dhanauri 03. 2I5A2761 Dhanauri 04. 2I5A2625 05. 2I5A2619 06. 2I5A2637 06a. 2I5A2926a 07. 2I5A2717 Dhanauri 08. 2I5A2685 09. 2I5A2743 Blackneck Stork 10. 2I5A2764 11. 2I5A2557 Painted Stork 12. 2I5A2610 Painted Stork 13. 2I5A2774 Swamphen 14. 2I5A2598 Pond Heron 15. 2I5A2605 Cormorant 16. 2I5A2853 Grey Heron 17. 2I5A2860 Purple Heron 18. 2I5A2590 Bronze-winged Jacana 18. 2I5A2890 Jacana 19. 2I5A2675 Bonelli's 20. 2I5A2655 Brahmini Kite